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Frequency Converters

Thyristor frequency converters, parallel type TFCP

TFCP are designed as a medium frequency power source for induction heating and melting plants.

Thyristor frequency converter resonance, type TFCR.

Thyristor frequency converters TFCR are used as power source of electro-technological devices and designed to convert 3 phase industrial frequency current into AC of medium frequency.

Dual-frequency and phase-inverse frequency converters

RELTEC has developed dual-frequency power source of induction melting plants IMP with sectioned inductor. Dual-frequency power source is complete on basis of phase-inverse dual-energy channel semi-conducting high frequency converter.

Thyristor frequency converter dual-channel type, TFCD.

Thyristor frequency converters TFCD type are used for dual-post mid-frequency metal smelting.

Dual-frequency modular frequency converters.

"RELTEC" has developed modern system of induction heating, that is using simultanious dual-frequency heating of gearwheel with mid and high frequency currents.

Transistor frequency converter TFC

Frequency range of rational use of thyristors as main controllable device in frequency converters, generally does not exceed 10 kHz. Converters with frequency range from 10 to 66 kHz are usually build on basis of IGBT transistor modules and in the frequency range 200-500 kHz - MOSFET transistors. Converters of TFC type have two-tier structure of power circuit, consistent of controllable straighter and current inverter.