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Dual-frequency modular frequency converters.


Dual-frequency modular frequency converters.

"RELTEC" has developed modern system of induction heating, that is using simultanious dual-frequency heating of gearwheel with mid and high frequency currents.

Amplitude control of mid and high frequency signals is carried out indigently - mid frequency from 1% to 99% (10,25 kHz) and high frequency from 99% to 1% (150,500 kHz). In this case depth of hardening layer and sadle of gearwheel can be regulated very precicely during of technological procces tuning.

Simultanious dual-frequency hardening allows to achieve profile of hardened layer that is matching with gearwheel thooth profile, wherein the entire heating cycle takes less than 10 seconds. and does not require movement of the inductors.





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