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Ultrasonic processing plants

Ultrasonic cleaning of components from industrial pollution in alkaline solutions with the addition of surfactants (surface active ingredients)

Ultrasound allows effectively remove all types of pollutions, even complex configuration and blind holes are not a problem.

Ultrasonic imbibition of components.

Using plants for imbibition products can intensify the process of imbibitioning of liquid coating on the surface of electrical parts, including inaccessible cavity, microcracks, etc.

Ultrasonic hardening of the jet engine blades in turbocharger blisks

The "RELTEC" company has developed and successfully tested a plant for ultrasonic hardening of the blades in turbocharger blisks.

Cleaning of medical instrument

Pasteurization, disinfection and purification of water-soluble organic compounds (protein, sugar, blood, etc.), films, oils and fats of vegetable, animal and mineral origin; dust, bone, corrosion products, etc.

Welding of metals and plastics

The main advantages of ultrasonic welding is high performance and low power consumption. Using ultrasonic devices manufactured by RELTEC it is possible weld both identical and different metals and polymers.

Grinding and dispersing of bulk materials, obtainment of nanopowders.

Ultrasonic dispersion of powder materials is one way of obtaining thin / fine powders (up to nanometer dimensions)

Complex cleaning lines for solution of various technological projects.

RELTEC company will design and manufacture a cleaning line in accordance with your technological project.

Dispersion and degassing

Ultrasonic treatment of molten metal can remove dissolved gases through implementing effect of cavitation.

Intensification of electroplating, electro-mechanical and other processes.

(copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, cadmium plating, brass plating, galvanizing, silver, etc.)

Machining of hard and brittle materials

Hardening of surfaces of metal products.