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Ultrasonic cleaning of components from industrial pollution in alkaline solutions with the addition of surfactants (surface active ingredients)


Precision cleaning and degreasing

As a result of application of ultrasound of specific intensity on fluid, numeros ammount of boubles are apearing and collapisng, in general method is nown as cavitation. Bubbles are forced to collpase under their own pressure and release energy in microspace between component and pollutuion, removing it. this technology allows to reach a high degree of cleaning as in difficult places(blind holes) as in places where mechanical cleaning is aplicable(mesh with ultra-low split cells). Also can be used to remove soot, grease and dirt from mechanical parts of complex configuration made of steel, filters, automotive carburetors, injectors and spark, and so on. Ultrasonic cleaning of parts with coatings, certain types of plastics that are sensitive to microshock loads permitted only if the relevant research and selection of treatment regimes.

The required intensity of ultrasound is (0.5-1 W \ cm²). Implemented with the help of ultrasonic devices with rod or membrane emitters.


To solve this technological problem the RELTEC company offers the following products:

Magnetostrictive transducer MT-1-22


Magnetostrictive transducer MT-4-22


Magnetostrictive transducer MT-5-18


Magnetostrictive transducer MT-2,5-22


Ultrasonic bath UB - 200 EPMF


Ultrasonic bath UB-100-EPV


Ultrasonic bath UB-100-EPVF


Ultrasonic bath UB-50-eq


Ultrasonic bath UB-50 EKVF


Magnetostrictive transducer MT 4-18 OS

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