Development and production of sciense-intensive electrotechnological equipment
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Non-standard equipment

Capacitor tank

Capacitor tank (CT) are designed for compensation of reactive power of the furnace and creation, in combination with iductivity of furnace, mid-resonant circuit

Swith gear cabinets SGC-401

Are designed to receive and redirect electrical energy of three-phase AC 6-10 kW of industrial frequency 50 kHz. Chambers SGC are used as redirection device including redirection devices of transformer substations, fast commutation devices for connection of energy-production equipment.

Complete transformer substation

The substation is designed to provide reliable electric power for companies in various industries. Substation is produced in one or two transformers design, one or two lanes..

Capacitor unit QRV

Capacitor unit QRV are designed inside cabinets of sheeted steel of ZERAK type with dimensions 800х2090х650mm - safety level IP30(with open doors IP00) with air vents for natural ventilation.

Complete low voltage energy distribution cabinets

Complete low voltage energy distribution cabinets (CLVEDC) are designed to receive, transform and distribution of electrical energy with voltage up to 660 V three-phase electrical current with frequency of 50 Hz, for protection of electrical devices and lines while overload and short circuits and for non frequent connections and disconnections of electrical chains and launches of asynchronous motors.

Elevator stillage ES-7

Designed for storage of equipment parts, tools and semi-finished products for machine-building plants.

Cooling station(CS).

Cooling station (CS) are designed for cooling of thyristor converters and othe technological equipment based on dual conure system in/out. Inner closed circuit is filled by distilated water, circulation of wich is carried out by a pump, that is installed in cabinet of CS. In outer circuit is filled by technical water