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Complete low voltage energy distribution cabinets


Complete low voltage energy distribution cabinets (CLVEDC) are designed to receive, transform and distribution of electrical energy with voltage up to 660 V three-phase electrical current with frequency of 50 Hz, for protection of electrical devices and lines while overload and short circuits and for non frequent connections and disconnections of electrical chains and launches of asynchronous motors.

CLVEDC are representing complex of low voltage apparatuses, control devices, measurement, signalization and protection placed in a cabinet. They are designed to work in area of rated current up to 0,66 kW with protection levels on √ќ—“ 14254-96 -IP-21, IP31, IP-54.




Parameter name

Parameter value

Type of current


Rated current, A

100; 250; 400; 630

Rated voltage, V

Up to 660 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Up to 440V DC voltage.

Resistance to impact short-circuit current

rated current 100A - 10kA,

rated current 250A, 400A - 25kA,

rated current 1000A - 63kA.

Insulation resistance points at least

under normal climatic conditions in the cold - 20 mW,

when hot, the rated current - 6MOm.

climatic performance

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