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Complete transformer substation



The substation is designed to provide reliable electric power for companies in various industries. Substation is produced in one or two transformers design, one or two lanes..


Completion of substation:


device from the high-voltage (UHV);

Power transformer (one or two) oil or dry.;

Low voltage switch gear LWSG 0,4, consistent of input cabinets of lowest voltage, sectioned cabinet (for two transformer substation) and cabinets of line out.




Name of parameter

parameter values

Capacity of power transformer kVA

250; 400; 630; 1000; 1600; 2500

Rated voltage on the high voltage side (HV side), kV

6; 10

Maximum operating voltage on the HV side, kV

7,2; 12

Rated voltage on the LV side, kV


Thermal current on the HV side (for 1 s) kA


Rated peak withstand current on the HV side, kA


Thermal current on the LV side (within 1 second), kA

10; 20; 30; 40

Rated peak withstand current on the LV side, kA

25; 50; 70; 100

isolation level √ќ—“ 5161

lightweight insulation

Ingress protection



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