Development and production of sciense-intensive electrotechnological equipment
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Intensification of electroplating, electro-mechanical and other processes.


Intensification of electroplating processes

  Under the influence of ultrasound in these processes the polarization of the hydrogen is reduced and ion discharge is facilitated ie Provides increased cathodic current density, accelerates the deposition of coatings. Ultrasound is increasing the active area of the cathode by 3 times. Yield metal current increases significantly as allowable current value is increased up to several times, the electrolyte (10 to1) and reaches 8 - 10 amps / square decimeter. To obtain a uniform coating thickness and by several times improves its adhesion to the substrate. The required intensity ultrasound 1-5 W / cm². Implemented using submerged ultrasonic transducers is preferably with frontal type of radiation.


To solve this technological problem Reltec company offers the following products:

Magnetostrictive transducer MT-5-18

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