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Welding of metals and plastics



Welding of polymeric materials.

  Welding plastics - the most promising method for welding of thermoplastic polymers, which has a number of inherent only to it's unique features that allow you to:

- weld fittings of hard plastic at a great distance from the injection point of ultrasound (up to 200-250mm);

- Weld multilayered structure of soft plastics and reinforced fabrics made of artificial materials.

- Weld polymers which do not badly welded or welded by other welding methods (polietilentereftalnye and polyamide film, a product of fluoroplastic-4, artificial leather, etc.);

- Weld polymers on contaminated surfaces without requiring them to degreasing (this is especially important when packing bulk, liquid and pasty products;

  During welding, there is practically no emission of harmful volatile substances, making it environmentally friendly. A high degree of repeatability and process control.


To solve this technological problem Reltec company offers the following products:


Magnetostrictive transducer MT-1-22


Magnetostrictive transducer MT-4-22


Magnetostrictive transducer MT-5-18


Magnetostrictive transducer MT 4-18 OS

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