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Induction heating systems

Induction Heating Systems for heat treatment IHST

These systems provide automatic supporting of standard heating conditions. A data recorder built in the system measures and records the temperature of a heated part of a pipeline.

Induction Heating System IHS-250-10 / 120-20

The system is designed for thermal drawing of wires and thin stripes made from low-ductility difficult-to-form steel, copper, aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

Induction Heating Systems for press-forging IHSF

The system is designed for heating of short workpieces of circular section with diameter from 28 to 65 mm and with length from 80 to 400 mm. The workpiece is heated up to the temperature of 1250 ±20 ˚С, and then the workpiece is used for hot forging.

Induction Coils

Inductors are designed for formation of heating areas.