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Induction Heating Systems for press-forging IHSF


The system is designed for heating of short workpieces of circular section with diameter from 28 to 65 mm and with length from 80 to 400 mm. The workpiece is heated up to the temperature of 1250 ±20 ˚С, and then the workpiece is used for hot forging.

Structurally the system is completed as a single solid block and includes: 
• Semiconductor frequency converter on the base of IGBT modules;
• Capacitor unit with matching transformer;
• Built-in cooling system (heat-exchange assembly);
• Induction heater with water-cooled guide paths and heat-insulation;
• Device for workpiece loading;
• Device for workpiece unloading and feeding to hammer;
• Control board.
The details are supplied by means of a feed chain with a breaking piece that operates if the feed chain is overloaded. Then the details are discharged in the heating area by a device with variable delivery.  The traverse speed of the workpieces of all sizes can vary from 0.3 to 2.9 m/min. The workpieces are delivered in a smooth manner. A loading device is designed for single-piece supply of workpieces of cylindrical form to a feed chain. This device enables to load workpieces with diameter from 28 to 65 mm and with length from 80 to 400 mm. Maximum capacity of the loading device is 600 kg of metal and this provides continuous work during 20 minutes with top performance and the biggest details. The loading device is equipped with a pneumatic drive. Operating pressure in a pneumatic system is 0,4-0,6 MPa. Maximum water consumption is 2600 l/min. The system productiveness varies in dependence on a workpiece diameter and given traverse speed.
Consumed power, kW
350, 630, 1000, 1600
Three-phase supply voltage with frequency of  50 Hz, V
Nominal voltage of induction coil, V
Voltage of control circuit with frequency of 50 Hz, V
Direct-current voltage of indicator circuit, V
Operating frequency (output),Hzц
500 - 2400
Heating temperature, ˚С
до 1250
Ingot length, mm
80 - 400
Maximum diameter of ingots, mm:
- with induction coil КАТ 5350
- with induction coil  КАТ6350
- with induction coil КАТ 7350
Rate control, m/min
0,3 - 2,9
Maximum capacity of loading device, ru
Water consumption, l/min
Mass, kg
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