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Ultrasonic hardening of the jet engine blades in turbocharger blisks for MMPP "Salyut"

The "RELTEC" company has developed and successfully tested a plant for ultrasonic hardening of the blades in turbocharger blisks jet engine for MMPP "Salyut".

Shipment includes as follows:

A machine with a resonant chamber and a mechanism for workpiece rotation (mono-wheel).

An ultrasonic transducer MT4-18ќ— with a package of acoustic feedback.

An ultrasonic generator UZGK-5-22MS.

Computerized control unti for a control process automatization, with installed statistical data processing of machined blades and archiving function.

The automatic control system allows to stabilize the amplitude of oscillations on the working surface of the tool, that ensures high stability and repeatability in technological process.

The energy of moving steel balls under the influence of ultrasonic mechanical vibrations are forming so-called "pseudo-boiling layer". That layer allows to process the surfaces of mechanical parts with high efficiency by the "shot peening" method.

The equipment can be used to harden the surface of parts with a complex shaping surface, different configurations and sizes.

Similar equipment has already been delivered to the companies "Motor Sich" (Ukraine) and LOM PRAHA s.p. (Czech Republic).

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