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The RELTEC company has developed and produced a new vacuum induction melting plant

In February 2017 the “RELTEC” company has developed and produced a new vacuum induction melting plant (IMPV-50-2,4) for UNICHIM(Russia).

The plant is designed to conduct research in the field of obtaining new refractory materials based on boron. IMPV-50-2,4 was shipped with a full set of related services: detailed engineering drawings, set of wiring diagrams and construction solutions, advisory on equipment selection in accordance with customer’s technical specification, assembling and test run.

Technical specification

Power supply source, kW                                                         63

Nominal frequency of contouring circuit, kHz                         2,4

Heating temperature max, °                                                    2000

Cooling water pressure mPa                                                      no less than 0,2

Vacuum limit in a cold plant, Pa                                                1…..10

 Working atmosphere                                                                  nitrogen

Limit of excess argon pressure, bar                                            0,2

Bypass system for slow pumping of vacuum on first stages, to eliminate oil exposure to the vacuum chamber.


Shipment consists of:

1.    Vacuum melting chamber with vacuum equipment.

2.    Closed type capacitors block.

3.    Isolating transformer

4.    Thyristor frequency converter TFC-63-2,4 with an digital control system.

5.    Water cooling control system.

6.    Dual-circuit water circulation cooling system TFC and vacuum chamber.

7.    Control system for automated control of melting based on PC.

8.    Full set of installation parts.

9.    Turnkey installation of all electric and water circuits

After installation and testing, our product has met all the specifications and requirements of customer.

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