Development and production of sciense-intensive electrotechnological equipment
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Staff Policy

Staff Policy

Our mission is development and promotion of unique high-quality equipment for our Customers on the world electro-technological market.

Corporate Values

  1. Team work
  2. Attention to our Customer
  3. Equity towards the personnel
  4. Initiative and innovations

Staff Law Book

  1. Our company is one team. I am a competent member of it and much depends on me.
  2. I am paid the wages not by the company, but by a Customer. So our Customer is an “emperor”, a “God”, and a “Military Commander” for me. And this fact does not depend on my position.
  3. The goal of every working day is a definite and concrete result.
  4. Working capacity of the staff is estimated by definite results but not by the time and the efforts that are spent on work.
  5. The work, that is not accomplished at hundred-per-cent, is considered to be unexecuted.
  6. Anyone can make a mistake. If you do not mistake, you do nothing. You can be punished not for mistakes but for not functioning.
  7. Lying to your boss or colleague is not only an abominable behaviour but also a disrespect to the company and corporate values.
  8. It is not shameful not to know, it is shameful not to ask and not to help your colleague.
  9. It is impossible to forgive two things – indifference and disloyalty. Disaffected professional is the worst member of the company.
  10. A mechanism is estimated by the weakest component, and the staff is estimated by the weakest member.

The words and expressions that do not exist for us

  1. «It is impossible». Everything is possible if available resources are determined.
  2. «I don’t know, I can’t do». You can learn everything if you want.
  3. «It is not my responsibility, it is not my business». Everything concerning the company is important for me.
  4. «You told me but I did not hear/ I did not manage/ I could not do it». It is impossible to excuse yourself.
  5. «I wrote an office memorandum / e-mail but it was not answered». The main thing is to set a goal.
  6. «I rang but I could not get through». The absence of persistence is not acceptable.
  7. «I came but you were out». We solve problems inventively.
  8. «I was going to carry out your task but I was given another one». It is necessary to know what task is of high-priority.
  9. «I have no time, I have too much work». You can always find time.
  10. «I thought it would be better». We do not consider, we know exactly.

OUR COMPANY is a team of professionals. We easily combine the experience of the workers and the energy of the youth. We enlist the services of young and talented specialists in order to get new scientific developments. Our staff includes many professors of The Ural State Technical University

The main principals of our staff policy are:

  • Perspective. We think about our future basing on the company’s traditions. We set a goal for perspective development. We enlist the services of the most talented specialists and pay attention to the staff training.
  • Competency. We put emphasis on competency, knowledge and skills of every member of our company.
  • Result orientation. We set clear goals, specify problems and plan effective actions for the achievement of them.