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Project with VIAM

During 2013 and 2014 for needs of VIAM company, RELTEC has supplied 4 power sources for vacuum induction melting plants of VIAM production.

Equipment has fitted harmonically into melting complex with digital control system, that allows to reach melting regimes with high precision.

VIAM specialists noted the convenience of a digital system of data exchange between plants, that were supplied by RELTEC. As part of the project in 2014 two plants were supplied for Motor Sich.

On 2015 in association with VIAM, we have planned delivery of vacuum furnaces of new generation.

A unique feature of furnaces of VIAM development is orientated metal crystallization, where beside induction melting plant, bath with molten aluminum is used for cooling of the mold, this allows to achieve orientated crystal structure of metal.  


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