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New ultrasonic bath USB-350

Main advantages:

High intensity of ultrasonic waves in combination with excellent uniformity of acoustic field, provides effective cleaning.

Working chamber is divided into two parts allowing the top of the solution to overflow and provide:

- The effective separation of oil contamination from the cleaning solution;

- Eliminates loss of cleaning solution while loading;

- Continuous separation of pollution from cleaning solution by using a separator or filter. This extends life time of cleaning solution;

- Reduced noise level through the use of vibration-absorbing coatings;

- The possibility of removing the working chamber from the generator to a distance of 4-5 meters, which further reduces noise and lowers the level of air pollution in the workshop(for example, when placing the working chamber in a specially equipped room);

- The possibility of using the bath for impregnation of workpieces. (on customer's demand bath can be equipped with an intermediate tank, which is inserted into the basket and has a volume of 250l; This eliminates the need to fill the entire working with impregnating solution - up to 100 liters of economy).



- The useful volume of the working chamber - 350 l;

- Internal dimensions of the working chamber 950h750h510;

- Dimensions (in terms of) basket for workpieces 850h650;

- Maximum mass of workpieces -70 kg;

- The output power of the ultrasonic generator - 5.0 kW, not less;

- The frequency of ultrasonic vibration - 27 kHz ± 2;

- Sustem of auto-tuning of generator to resonance frequency;


The parameters of the heating system of cleaning solution:

- Set temperature adjustment range - +40 ... + 70⁰S;

- Heater power - 6 kW;

- Management - microcontroller;

- Numeric / alphabetic / Tally mode settings;

- Built-in timer cycle times-from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

(the upper limit can be increased on demand).


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