Development and production of sciense-intensive electrotechnological equipment
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Timofeev Vasily
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Launches 2014

 In may 2014 the "RELTEC" company has successfully launched 2 plants (TYPE-?) as a part of contract on equipment supply for OAO "Motor Sich" Ukraine, designed for melting of heat-resistant steel and crystallization of aluminum in molten iron for aviation metals production. As a part of the contract "RELTEC" has launched one more plant in august 2014. In this particular elaboration it was possible to acquire 100% repetitiveness of melting regimes through new digital control system. Innovative technological solution were used during elaboration and production of those plants, that are part of intellectual property of "RELTEC" company.

Also in 2014, by the request of our customer we have modernized plant ”»ѕ-630-0,5-1,0, that we had produced in 1999. Specifically we have changed 2 inductors on 1 high voltage inductor and had decreased frequency in inductor to 500 Hz, that has eliminated low resistance of mid part of the crucible. Also temperature of the cooling water has decreased through decrease of the current load.

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