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Invitation for "Metal-Expo-2015" exhibition

Dear Sirs!
"RELTEC" is delighted to invite you and your company's specialists to visit stand number 2V22 at "Metal-Expo-2015" exhibition, that will take place from 10 until 13 of november 2015, in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre pavilion number 75 Hall 2.
 Please familiarise yourself with our products:
Induction melting systems with capacities from 0.5 kg to 16 tonnes, for melting ferrous and precious metals.
Vacuum melting system for melting and casting in vacuum or inert gas atmosphere of high alloys and precious metals
Induction heating systems for heat treatment (quenching, tempering, annealing, etc.) and for the plastic deformation of parts / workpieces of different configurations.
Soldering systems for carbide inserts on the cutting edges of tools.
Ultrasonic technological systems and ultrasonic baths for cleaning of parts and tools after machining, degreasing before painting or coating, the intensification of chemical processes.
Thyristor and transistor inverters and ultrasonic generators.
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