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Equipment commissioning in Kazakhstan

Induction melting system IMS-160-1,0-0,16-G for melting precious metals was put into operation at the largest refinery factory LLP "Tau-Ken Altyn"in Astana by RELTEC specialists on April 2018.

The melting site at the factory was equipped with Italian-made equipment. The production value growth needed to have more higher melting capacities. To solve this task (increase the capacity of the operating melting site), the company management ordered RELTEC company.

The Buyer of RELTEC company equipment is the Italian company BTT Italiya, which 5 years ago erected this factory in Kazakhstan.

Induction melting system was equipped with lining materials and a whole set of installation materials. The equipment was successfully put into operation and reached its planned capacity. The high-quality work of the RELTEC company specialists allowed to conduct installation comissioning in the shortest possible time - within 5 working days.

It should be noted that monoblock power supply unit of the RELTEC company has many technical advantages over analogs. For example, the compactness of the furnaces location with a modular type frequency converter, as well as the minimum distance from the furnace to the frequency converter, which reduces electrical losses.

The company "Tau-Ken Altyn" dramatically reduced costs for purchasing and servicing imported equipment with the commissioning of the induction melting system IMS-160-1.0-0.16-G.


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