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Device CCD-1

"RELTEC" has developed and launched into production new crucible lining control device CCD - 1.

CСD - 1 is designed for continuous control of curcible lining through control of it's electrical resistance of insulation and warning signals to prevent emergency situations while operation of crucible furnace.

Key features:

  • Continuous monitoring of isolation(lining) of the crucible

  • Alarm signal

  • Simultaneous control of condition of several crucibles (up to 4), with indication on control panel of 1 on the operator's demand.

  • Ability to use as a stand-alone device or as an inbuilt part of the power converter.

  • Operational log.

  • Adaptable criteria of an emergency condition of the lining down to the type and even to a particular piece of the crucible (Selection rcr.).

  • Limited acces to the data and parameters.

  • High level of protection from electrical current and electromagnetic fields, also from interference caused by smelting complex.

  • The high information content of the instrument and the accuracy of the information they formed, providing high operational safety crucible furnaces.




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