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Robotized Induction Heating Systems


Robotized induction system for heating of composite ingots of various diameters is equipped with a manipulator mechanism transferring the ingot to the induction coil, with a feeding movement device, with a device for unloading and transferring an ingot under the punching machine, with a semiconductor frequency converter and control system.

Control board of induction heating system is designed for remote control of SCR frequency converter and for switching on and off of cooling system. The system kernel is a programmable logical controller Simatic S315-2DP combined with a computer Simatic Panel PC677. The controller enables to adjust behavior in accordance with the specialties of this system’s version and the Customer’s requests. 
The software support provides the following regimes: automatic power control, heating with manual power assignment and supporting of the power for required time. There is a possibility of retention of working conditions, operator messages and causes of accidents in the nonvolatile memory for the further analysis and processing. 
The remote control station enables to control emergency situations and to inform the operator about the causes of the emergency shutdowns. For operating safety of the induction system the signals about the emergency shutdown are transferred through the optical communication channel as well through the electric conductor.  
Besides the remote control station all the equipment has a possibility of local control in case of engineering setup, maintenance, repair operation or in case of defect of the remote control station.


Parameters Rate
Number of standard sizes of ingots 5
Required diameter, mm 83,5; 83,8; 108,5; 109; 148 
Frequency of bloom discharge to hammer, min  
    - For maximum diameter (148 mm) 6-10
    - For minimum diameter (83,5 mm) 6
Maximum heating temperature of an ingot, 0 1150
Loading and unloading of ingots by the piece
Number of ingots in a holder, pc 10
Number of pneumatic cylinders, pc 9
Compressed air consumption, m3 / hour 60
Installed power, kW 19,8
Dimensions 11340 х 4600 х 2030
Mass, t 4,5
Squire, m2 52
Supply mains voltage, V 380
Supply mains frequency, Hz 50
Control wiring voltage 220 V, 50 Hz / 24 V
of direct current
A set of supply includes:  
• Manipulation robot that consists of a manipulator and a control system with a portable panel; the robot is equipped with a gripper with a container catching mechanism and an ingot extraction mechanism.
• Receiving apparatus for workpieces that transfers them to work load station of the robot;
• Feeding and unloading conveyor with a possibility of height adjustment;  
• Ingots loading and unloading mechanism;  
• Barrier that protects the personnel from accidental entering into the operating area of the robot;
• Electric accessories that include a remote control station; 
• Pneumatic equipment.
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