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Curcible insulation control device CICD - 1


Purpose and functions of Curcible insulation control device:


1. Continious control of curcible insulation status.


2. Fault alarm signal


3. Simultaneous control of several crucibles lining (up to 4), indicator shows 1 out of 4 curcibles on operator's demand


4. Possibility to purchase device on its own, or as a part of converter.


5. Control results log.


6. Ability ещ adapt criteria of emergency fault of the lining any type of curcible.


7. Security system, that allows only authorised personall to change parameters.


8. High level of resistance to electromagnetic fields and other interuptions that are created by converter of smelting plant.


9. High level of precision of information provides safe use of curcible while smelting.


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