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Apparatus for imbibition of electrical products AI-5-22

Apparatus for imbibition of electrical products AI-5-22 is designed for imbibition of compound and varnishes anchors, DC motors and coils of electrical products.


Type - core, membrane

Power consumption - 5 kW (2x2.5 kW)

Operating frequency - 22 kHz

Voltage In 2h440

Dimensions of the camera - Ø1100h1200mm

Water cooling.

Plants of ultrasonic cleaning pasteurization dental instrument RCD-ST


  Volume of the chamber - 200 ml

  Operating frequency of the ultrasonic generator - 44 kHz

  Supplied power to the generator of ultrasonic vibrations - 40W

  built-in timer - 1-25 minutes

  dimensions - 150x125x181 mm

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