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Breakthrough in Russian Metallurgy

Initial batch of high-purity indium (99.9999%) at the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant have been produced. It was a real breakthrough in the production of this expensive low-melting, malleable and soft metal.

Obtaining such clean indium is now possible due to the creation of its own technology, based on the vacuum induction melting system IMSV-63-2,4-0,04 series produced by the company RELTEC.

Indium is used in the defense industry and it is necessary in the manufacturing of various high-tech modern devices and liquid crystal displays. The main indium manufacturers are China, Canada, Japan and South Korea. It is worth noting that indium, extracted from waste and intermediate products of the zinc production, is becoming a much-needed metal of modern life.

The indium world consumption is on the rise today. About 70% of all indium production is utilized only in the LCD displays production. In 2007, world production was 475 tons and another 650 tons were produced by recycling.

The advanced Russian technology and its further development already gives an opportunity to reach the world level and even higher in the metallurgy of rear earth metals.

Equipment "RELTEC" can be seen on 1m. 20s. and 2 m. 20 s.

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